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TMG Publisher is a platform to release tracks without a label. No need to wait for a response from A&R managers, ask to listen to your track or even do dozens of mailouts. It’s up to you now!

Statistics provides general release data: audition schedules (by country, by platform). For convenience, all information is in a table.
Releases provides information on the status of the track: in progress, delivered, error.
In progress – release is being moderated;
Delivered - release delivered to stores, published;
Error — release returned, there are errors to be corrected.
Profile contains your personal data. You can change them whenever you may need it.
Transactions section stores information on transactions.

Release of one track in TMG Publisher is RUB 100. Charged one-time, and your track is in stores forever. Release under labels other than the default TMG PUBLISHER is RUB 200.
TMG Publisher charges a 15 per cent commission of total sales after the shops’ commission.

Section: Creating a Release

To add a release, go to Releases, click Add a new track. To do this you will need:

  • a track in WAV format, sampling frequency: 44,100 Hz, 16 bit.
  • cover in JPG format, 3,000x3,000 px
  • lyrics
  • credits

Audio (track) must be original.
Cover versions not allowed.
When releasing remixes, make sure that you have the right to do so.

The image must be clear, pay attention to its framing; objects on the cover should not be cut and preferably positioned in the middle.
Information on the image must match the data about the release: the name of the artist, the name of song etc.
The cover does not contain names, logos or other information not indicated in the release data.
If there are margins on the cover, make sure they are not black or white, otherwise the release will be returned.
Do not specify on the cover web addresses, e-mail or phone numbers.
Do not place on it inscriptions like CD, DVD, Disc or others. The cover should not contain information about the price or UPC. There should be no label logos on the cover.

Break the text into stanzas.
Follow the rules of spelling and punctuation, but remember that there is no full point at the end of stanzas.
If the song contains vocalizations (oooh, oooo ooo and others), they should be put into the text.
If a track has been created by several artists, you must indicate who performs which part.

Venues (stores) require the exact reference to the authors of words and music.
You must specify the full name in the format of "Forename Surname".
Pseudonyms, abbreviations or label names are not allowed.


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Where to find us?

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